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Hi and thanks so much for choosing Creative Kids Portraiture! If you are a new client, you might be wondering how this all works. Well, let me start by telling you that while many of the great images on this site are unposed, they are never unplanned. This means that YOU as the parent will help design the session and thereby will choose the overall feel and formality of the portraits. As you make decisions about how you envision your child(ren)'s pictures, please keep in mind that bare feet, scabbed knees, messed up hair, and shy little pouts often produce the most endearing and timeless images!

This brings us to the first step in the process, which is your phone consultation. This allows me to get a good idea of what you have in mind so that I can best prepare for the actual photo shoot. Through our discussion of color, clothing, props, location, where your portrait will be displayed, etc., I try to develop a mutual understanding of what key elements will go into producing the type of image you are looking for. Since children have limited patience and attention, I find it is important to get all the planning done ahead of time so that everything is ready to go on the day of the actual sitting. If you are concerned about your child being exceptionally shy.... no problem! We can set up a free in-person consultation as a time for me to meet your kids -- and for them to meet me! Since familiarity is essential to the comfort level of a child, they (and thereby their portraits) will benefit greatly from this chance to develop a rapport.

The actual portrait session is scheduled as a two-hour block, with the average session lasting anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. When scheduling your sitting, please be mindful of your child(ren)’s daily routine: think of the time of the day that your child is most alert and playful. For some children this would be immediately following his or her nap, for others it might be after mealtime. Observe your child(ren) and schedule accordingly. For babies/toddlers, it is best to avoid the day or two after any vaccinations. Please let me know ahead of time if you are planning to bring any “extra people” (e.g. grandparents, friends, etc.) to your sitting! In some situations this can be very helpful, but in others it can become very distracting for your child(ren) as well as for your photographer.

When preparing your child(ren) for the session, don’t work too hard at it! Please don't make a big deal about them looking perfect and please, please, PLEASE don't practice smiles ahead of time. If you treat this as a fun and casual play-date rather than a Big-Event-For-The-Day you will find the stress level to be greatly reduced for both you and your kids, thus allowing for an experience you all can enjoy. Finally, since the success of your portraits depends upon a relaxed and unrushed atmosphere, it is requested that you call to reschedule as soon as possible if your child is ill or if you find you are running significantly late.

The final part of the portrait process is the viewing & selection of the created images. Proofs will be available in an online shareable gallery within just a few days after your session, and this gallery will remain active for 2 weeks. You can view any image in black & white or sepia, preview cropping for various print sizes, tag your favorites, and place your order! If you are feeling overwhelmed by the decision-making process and would like a little help, you are encouraged to schedule a half-hour ordering appointment to review your portraits and discuss options for enlarging, cropping, and customizing your final prints. Orders may be placed at any time, but orders placed within 1 week of viewing proofs will receive a 5% early bird discount.

Hopefully this information has been helpful and has answered your questions.... but if not, please feel free to call or email at any time. I look forward to spending time with your family, and I know we will have a great time as we capture images that you are going to love!

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